Worldwide Swarovski crystals represent the finest, highest quality crystals available. Manufactured exclusively in Austria, their reflective brilliance outshines all others.

If "Diamonds are a girls best friend" then Swarovski comes in a close 2nd! No wonder ladies love Swarovski!

We take pride in using only these top of the line stones in the embellishment of our apparel. In fact, to authenticate you getting the "real deal", we include a "Genuine Swarovski" sticker with each garment or hat thus enhancing the perceived value and sales of our merchandise

We are also proud to offer you four distinct Swarovski crystal design categories that are featured below:

1. Swarovski “Logo” designs
2. Swarovski “Glow” designs
3. Swarovski “Diamonds are and Girl’s Best Friend” designs
4. Swarovski “Metallic Script” designs
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#1 Swarovski "Logo" Designs
Crystal Design Logos
Crystal Design Logos
Crystal Design Logos
Lexus Butterfly with Visor
#2 "Glow Series"
Lexus Glow Series
Mercedes Glow Series
#3 "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"
Diamonds: Girl's Best Friend
Diamonds: Girl's Best Friend
#4 "Mercedes Girl"
Mercedes Girl V-Neck
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Swarovski crystal encrusted ball markers.
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and Swarovski crystal ball markers.
(Each crystal is hand placed and glued by hand!)